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Are these retreats annual and who is the organizer?
Noahides can get together at any time of the year, but our goal is to offer consistent and annual formal retreats and summer camps. TNC helps to coordinate Noahide annual retreats that are dedicated in loving memory of Nancy Todd Overall, and are organized, hosted, and sponsored by a variety of individuals and their groups, organizations, and businesses. The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. (TNC) is a non-profit organization committed to the development of services for Noahides and their communities. TNC serves as the website host, lead coordinator, and one of many sponsors of the annual retreats. 
When is it this year?
See the About Retreat page for that information.
Who sponsors and pays for these retreats?
Equipment, supplies, and other needed services are sponsored by various individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses from year to year. You can find a list of this year's sponsors here. Individual lodging and optional add-on services and products are paid for by attendees through our "Book A Roompage.
Where are we going?
See our About Retreat page for the upcoming location. Noahide Retreats will give attendees a chance to appreciate Hashem's majestic creations while getting to know other Noahides. Workshops and activities will be available. Each person or family will have the opportunity to secure lodging with the group.
Who can make a reservation?
You must be 18 years or older to make a reservation on behalf of your party. Parents or other adult guardians must accompany children. All Noahides and non-Noahide supporters of Noahides, from any part of the world are welcome. Invite your non-Noahide family and friends to join and learn about the beauty of the Noahide laws. However, proselytizing is not allowed. Noahides come from all walks of life, have different lifestyles, varying ethnicities, political beliefs, and worldviews. What all share is a respect for Torah Judaism and an acceptance of the 7 categories of moral laws for all mankind. By making a reservation you agree to abide by all of our retreat rules and regulations. If you'd like to be the first to know about new events, join the Noahide Online Community group for the latest updates or subscribe to become a site member. Other Noahide groups and websites may post updates as well. Lodging is available on a first to reserve, first to be served basis.
If I don't lodge with the group or if I'm a local, can I still join the retreat?
Yes. If you're planning to secure your own lodging or are a local Noahide/supporter, please feel free to join us for our group events. Some events require paid admission. See our Activities & Itinerary, and the Buy Tickets page for more information. Safety first: Please notify the organizers in advance at or register with us upon arrival, if you plan to attend but will lodge off site. If you intend to bring children, and would like them to participate in the summer camp, you must be pre-registered. Please complete the RSVP Form and you will be contacted with additional instructions. 
Are pets allowed?
Depending on where we lodge each year, pets may or may not be allowed. Please contact customer support for more information.
I can't come, can I donate?
Yes. If you'd like to send along supplies with someone else, please do. If you'd like to donate money to offset the cost of our supply and other expenses, assist someone in paying for their lodging, donate to TNC, or just donate to help us secure future venues, you can. Please use the "Donate" button. Your donation will be processed securely through PayPal and sent to the organizer. May the blesser be blessed.
Are there other events?
Please join our Facebook or MeWe group for updates.
What if all the lodging is booked, is there a wait list?
Yes there is. Your party can be added to the wait list by completing the "RSVP Wait List" form on our "Book A Room" page. 
What's the age range for summer camp?
Our summer camp is designed for children K-12 (5-18 yrs old).
Will the summer camp be a part of the retreat?
Parents and other trip mates will enjoy a peaceful experience, as our staff hosts most of the activities away from the larger group.
How do I register for summer camp?
If booking a cabin or RV spot through our "Book A Room" option, be sure to include the number of children accompanying your party or simply complete the initial registration form. We will reach out to you with a full registration form, using the email address you provide us. If you prefer you can also email and include "Register For Camp" in the subject and we will reach out to you with a registration form. Deadline to register is May 1, 2021. This summer camp is not a drop-off camp where parents leave their children overnight. Parents must be on call for pick up and drop off.
What days and hours will summer camp be held?
Summer camp will be held from Tues, July 20th - Wed, July 21st, from 10am - 4pm, and Thurs, July 22nd from 4pm-10pm. 
Is there an additional fee?
There may be different fees from year to year, so please see optional add-ons when checking out. If your family is attending the main retreat, and you do not want your children to participate in the Summer Camp activities, that's okay. 
Do children have to be Noahide?
No. Non-Noahide children are welcome and encouraged to attend. Our goal is to share the beauty and simplicity of Noahide life and laws with others, so camp is a great opportunity to do this. Proselytizing is not allowed. Please be sure that all children in your party are aware of this rule.
Is this a drop-off camp?
No. Children are required to attend with their families, a guardian, or other parent-authorized supervising adult. 
Will there be actual camping?
Yes! Parents who want their children to enjoy the experience of meeting other Noahide kids in a traditional summer camp setting, will be able to offer them that experience with through our Raising Noah summer camp. Nature and skill building activities for all ages will be available. Though it varies from year to year, there are times that late night camping under the stars, story telling, and marshmallow roasting will occur on one or more nights. However, camping may not be overnight, and parents may be required to drop off and pick up their children from the camp site. Dedicated summer camp staff will be present to provide guidance, and assistance with activities. Parents are required to be on call in the event of an emergency. For specifications on this year's summer camp activities, please refer to the travel app or itinerary, which will be provided after registration.
What safety requirements will be in place?
Children must always be under the direct supervision of parents when not in the care of our staff. Parents will be emailed a waiver form that must be signed and completed before or upon arriving to summer camp. Children who are considered under our care, are children who have been dropped off to a Raising Noah summer camp staff member each morning, and signed in by a parent or guardian using our sign-in form. For the safety of your child, children cannot arrive unaccompanied by their parent or guardian. Parents must drop their children off to a staff member wearing a Raising Noah summer camp badge and T-shirt each morning, at the designated drop off location given to them upon arrival. Instructions on where and when to pick up your child will also be given daily. Our summer camp is not a drop-off overnight camp, so parents must drop their child off each morning or when choosing to participate in activities, and return to pick them up after summer camp for that day has concluded. The registering staff member will provide a disposable bracelet with an identifying number to each parent, which must be used to pick the child up. Parents must also provide any emergency contact information for that day, in the event that early pick up or the need to communicate with the parent or guardian arises. A disposable bracelet will be used to indicate to our staff what day you choose for your child to participate. It is each parent's responsibility to provide a list of necessary medications and the medications themselves (in original Rx containers, along with instructions for use), a list of food allergies (and parent provided meal if food allergies exist), or other information at registration, that if unknown to our staff may pose risk or harm to your child's health or life. Our staff reserves the right to refuse care of a child that we may be unable to adequately care for. 
Generally, volunteers and staff will always try to assist parents with service and supervision, but are not responsible for the safety and well being of your children. While our staff will make our best effort to protect your children, when not in our care, parents are solely responsible for the safety of their child.
What activities will be provided?
A general itinerary can be found here. As planning continues more details will be added to the itinerary. A detailed itinerary will be sent to all parents of registered camp participants.
What should they bring?
Summer camp will include outdoor and water activities. We recommend packing clothing for your child that includes swim wear, comfortable closed toe shoes, flip flops, and beach towels. An email will be sent to all registered retreat parties, requesting confirmation of the number of children expected to participate in summer camp. At that time, the option to purchase an "Adventure pack" will be given to you.
I'm Jewish, can I come?
Yes you can! But there are some things to keep in mind. Our community holds to traditional Jewish standards in regards to our interaction with our Jewish friends.
Will I be welcome?
Our non-Jewish organizers and hosts are generally familiar with basic Jewish laws, and will encourage adherence to them where it applies. Some Noahides may feel uncomfortable with interactions or activities that may cause you or your children to be placed in a compromising position, regarding Jewish obligations. Food catering will not be kosher, and some events are held during the Shabbat. Violation of Jewish laws will be discouraged by our organizers. Other non-Noahide guests may be unaware of Jewish restrictions. Some of our local and nearby Jewish friends have suggested that it's a good idea to stop by rather than book a reservation on premises. Jewish friends wanting to enjoy the retreat and meet Noahides during our group events, are encouraged to prepare other accommodations that will allow them to comfortably leave when wanted, and to eat kosher food. However, it is within your discretion and personal obligation to decide what to do, when, and how. We look forward to meeting you!
How much is the trip?
Please check our Reservation page for updates. Optional add on services may be provided. A $10 processing charge is added to all reservations.
Are there additional fees or tax?
Optional add on services may be provided. A $10 processing charge is added to all reservations. Taxes may be added at check out.
What are the deposits and all other deadlines?
Deposit is due February 10th, 2021. Only (1) night's deposit is required to secure your reservation. After making your reservation online you will receive an email with your confirmation. Full refund is not provided. 80% refund issued if requested within 7 days of arrival date. Final payment is due on arrival. Please follow the instructions in your email to submit all payments by their due dates. 
What if I have to cancel?
If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to keep your reservation, a refund may be issued. See our cancellation policy.
If I'm single do I have to have a roommate?
Individuals are encouraged to reserve lodging with the least beds, to accommodate larger families.
Is bedding, cookware and dishware provided?
Some lodging may not provide bedding or cookware, please see lodging description when making your reservation.
Please see room details on our reservation page.
Is the reservation all inclusive?
Optional services, such as express breakfast packages are available as an add-on. Group lunches and dinners are not guaranteed. 
What should I bring?
If you prefer the comfort of a beach towel after a dip in the pool, you may want to bring your own. You may also want to bring modest swimwear. It's a good idea to bring additional towels or hand cloths as there is a limited supply of pool and bath towels. Basic hygiene products, such as toothpaste may be provided in limited supply but is not guaranteed. There is no daily room service. Local shops are nearby if there are supplies needed. Bedding is not required if you prefer to camp style your experience, but can be purchased as an additional service upon making your reservation. If you intend to book lodging that does not have a shower in unit, you may want to bring swimwear, full body bath towels, and flip flops into the shower room for your comfort. Bath houses are separated by gender. Parents, please do not allow your child to enter restrooms and showers unsupervised.
What should I NOT bring?
The temptation to bring days worth of perishable food supplies for your family, in order to save money, is probably very strong but keep in mind that storage space may be limited. Please see details about your lodging on the reservation page. Don't sweat it, because if you run out of supplies, the local grocery store is less than 10 minutes away.
What are the check-in instructions?
Detailed instructions will be emailed to you and provided on the travel app. Check-in is @2pm and check-out is @10am. You will not be refunded if you choose to leave early.
Can I pick my lodging?
Is smoking permitted?
No smoking inside your lodging please. Outside smoking is permitted.
Is there a dress code?
No. There is no specific dress code, but we ask that everyone, both male and female, be mindful of the clothing you wear. 
Are there any other house rules?
Yes. As they say, "A house without rules is a zoo". Please see our Rules and Regs page.
Any group activities?
Yes. Please see the Itinerary for all scheduled activities planned for the group. Some activities may be added at a later time. The focus of the annual retreats is to socialize with other Noahides, and to relax and enjoy your vacation. However, there will be educational workshops, fun activities for attendees to enjoy as a group. We will keep scheduled activities to a minimum. For off grounds activities please follow our app.
Are the bath houses seperated by gender?
Yes. Please do not enter a shower or bathroom when a child is present without the company of their parent. Parents please be mindful that the safety and security of your children is your responsibility. You should know who they are with and where they are at all times.
Who's the organizer?
Noahide annual retreats are conducted by various organizers. TNC provides the website support and hosting, technical support, and itinerary coordination.
Who is liable in the event of damage or injury?
Because The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. (TNC) and it's organizers are not the owner's of the properties being secured, TNC and other organizers are not liable for any damage caused by any attendees accidental or reckless actions. The third party venue reserves the right to directly seek compensation for damage from any guest of the retreat. Adult guardians and designated supervisors are financially responsible for damages caused by children, and are also responsible for the safety and well-being of their children.
Can I help?
Yes you can. Please email us at for more information on how you can volunteer to help.
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Noahide annual retreats are dedicated in loving memory of Nancy Todd Overall, and are organized, hosted, and sponsored by a variety of individuals and their groups, organizations, and businesses. The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. (TNC) is a non-profit organization committed to the development of services for Noahides and their communities. TNC serves as the website host and one of many sponsors of the annual retreats. 

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